Beam Contemporary closed in 2014. This website is maintained as an archive of the gallery's activities.

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Melanie Jayne Taylor

Melanie Jayne Taylor works with text components and installation strategies to display her extensive personal photographic archive; within these images she investigates the meanings of memory, loss, longing, and absence. She has shown her work at the National Museum (Amnasuraka), Kurdistan, and locally in solo exhibitions, including her recent exhibition at Beam Contemporary Cataloguing the Composite, and as part of the Eye Collective, with exhibitions at both Dear Patti Smith and Kings ARI in 2011. Taylor completed a Master of Fine Art at RMIT University and has recently been awarded an Art Start Grant through the Australia Council for the Arts and a residency at Mustarinda in Hyrynsalmi, Finland in 2012.


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Melanie Jayne Taylor